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Our new website is now live, with lots of lovely new features and delicious-as-ever menus that are sure to tempt you! With an easy-to-use navigation and a showcase of our beautiful restaurants, our new website allows you to have a glimpse into the Sapporo experience.

Here at Sapporo we pride ourselves in the unique experience we provide for everyone who comes to visit and enjoy our food. Our Manchester restaurant has been delivering fantastic meals for the past 13 years and, if you’re from Liverpool, you may have noticed we’ve been around for nearly 15 years!

So, what makes Sapporo so special?

Sapporo Restaurant chef in action
Trained Japanese Chefs

Our highly-trained chefs have more than five years of training, and they guarantee you an unforgettable dining experience. The art of preparing sushi is one of tradition and skill, a Japanese tradition we integrate with a Western twist to provide you with a thrilling and unique experience. Because we want to only bring you the best food, our chefs visit their home country every year to source new and great recipes and reconnect with their culture and cooking traditions.

Authentic and enticing, our menu has a wide variety of tasty dishes that are sure to cater to your desires – with meat, fish, and vegetarian options.

Sapporo Noodle Bar chefs in action
Delicious Food

With fresh recipes every year, our menu gives you an authentic and delicious taste of Asia. From teppanyaki, sushi, and yakisoba noodles, to other hot dish options, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you pop by for lunch or dinner, your taste buds will be tingling as our chefs prepare your food in front of you! Only the freshest and finest ingredients go into our dishes, which you can clearly taste for yourself when you come by.

Our Instagram is filled with mouth-watering images from our menu, so check it out to see what you want to sample at Sapporo!

Sapporo Japanese Food Blog
Transform Your Dining Experience

From fire displays to enthralling showcases of perfected techniques from our chefs, your meal will be prepared on a flaming hotplate, as is traditional in a wonderfully theatrical way. Your visit to Sapporo will be a one-of-a-kind experience which is rivalled only by the delicious food.

When you step into Sapporo, you’ll know you will be entertained and have a dining experience you’ll never forget!

Dynamic dining experience at Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

A Welcoming Atmosphere

The ideal dining experience for anyone, you and your loved ones will always feel welcome at Sapporo. We have fantastic Family Fun Days at our restaurant, where everyone, whether young or old, can enjoy our tasty food. We run events throughout the year, including sushi-making masterclasses, so stay up-to-date with our Facebook updates to see which events are coming up.

With restaurants in Liverpool and Manchester, we’re centrally located for your convenience.

Welcoming atmosphere at Sapporo Japanese Restaurant
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