Sushi Suitable for a Royal Palate

As makers, lovers, and eaters of sushi, we appreciate a person who loves sushi as much as we do, and this includes those various members of the British royal family who have flouted age old traditions just for one more bite of a delicate and delectable sushi roll. If you think that you love sushi enough to do the same, then we invite you to visit us at our sushi bar Manchester or our sushi bar in Liverpool to experience Japanese cuisine like never before.

The Royal Experience

The Queen will be celebrating her official birthday this year on June 8th, having turned 93 years old recently, she is the longest reigning monarch in Britain but you can’t expect to find her eating some special birthday sushi because the British Royal Family is forbidden from eating it as part of the rule that the consumption of shellfish is not allowed.

Her sons, on the other hand, have other ideas about this rule. Prince William has voiced that he and Kate love to chow down on some tasty sushi every now and then. The couple isn’t alone in their love for all thing’s sushi, either, as Meghan Markle laments that the stern dietary rules governing British royalty means that the only way she will be enjoying her favourite restaurant now – a sushi bar in California – will be if she sneaks in.


Other Foods Banned from Royalty

Sushi isn’t the only food that princes and princesses must forego to stay within the Queen’s respect; starchy foods like pasta are frowned upon, as is too much onion and garlic in her majesty’s presence. Raw meat is also forbidden, which means that if a member of the royal family was ever to visit our sushi restaurant in Manchester, they would have to stop themselves from tucking into our delicious sashimi plates, which would be a difficult feat. Our variety of fish dishes are sure to tempt passers-by, and we imagine those royals already inclined to break the rules over a tasty nigiri would struggle to refuse themselves a chance to partake in Sapporo’s culinary entertainment services.

Our Akami Tuna is too tasty to deny, our lean cuts of tuna are very refreshing, expertly served and full of umami, but it isn’t the only raw meat dish that the royal family might struggle to stop themselves from digging in to – our shake salmon, is tender, rich and smooth, and our sea bass is sweet, aromatic, and mild – but luckily for you, these traditions aren’t applied to the general British public so you are more than welcome to visit our sushi restaurant in Liverpool or Manchester for some of our mouth-watering meals.

Sushi (Almost) Suitable for Royalty

When visiting our restaurant, we recommend that you choose our Emperor service from the A La Carte Menu if you fancy being treated like Japanese royalty. Our Emperor menu will allow you to really enjoy the wide variety of food that Sapporo has to offer you, including nigiri sushi, jumbo prawns, barbeque ribs, half lobster, miso wakame soup and more.

There’s a little bit of everything on this menu, which is perfect for getting a short burst of everything Japanese. The raw fish on our nigiri is delightful, and everything is served with egg fried rice, stir-fried vegetables and our signature Sapporo potatoes to compliment the delicious array of meat that you will be trying during your stay with us.

Because we like to keep our restaurant fresh and modern, our menus are always subject to change, so please tell us about any dietary concerns you may have when you book; we want you to have the best time during your stay.