Sushi Pairings: Drinks

What do you like to drink with your sushi? For many, the obvious answer is a tasty carafe of sake, but this might not be the right answer for you. In our sushi bar in Manchester and sushi bar in Liverpool, we recommend that our customers enjoy their sushi with whichever drinks they like the best, but for those diners who are looking for the perfect complimentary beverage for their sushi dish, we recommend that you read this blog first.

Japanese food is about balance, and so finding the right balance between your food and drink is important to think about on your path to becoming a sushi and drink pairing connoisseur.

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Saké is not traditionally served with sushi in Japan because many believe it to be a little overpowering – the opposite of the balanced meal that many Japanese connoisseurs seek to achieve. Saké is also known as rice wine, so drinking it alongside your sushi can be a bit of an overload on the rice flavourings.

In Japan, if an individual wishes to enjoy some saké at a sushi restaurant, they are most likely to order their sake as an appetiser to be consumed before the sushi appears. A different drink is ordered to enjoy whilst eating their sushi.

As stated earlier, however, we always recommend that our customers enjoy their meal with their favourite drinks. For those people who love rice, a sushi and sake pairing might be a match made in heaven.

If you’re looking for a saké to pair nicely with your sushi, then we recommend the Dassai Junmai Ginjo. This saké offers subtle fruit blends with mild acidity. For sushi, the delicate flavours of Dassai Junmai Ginjo are perfect, because the light flavours will avoid overpowering the fish and the fruity notes will enhance your vegetable dishes.


Crisp Japanese lagers are great pairings for sushi. We offer draughts of Asahi, Kirin and bottles of Sapporo or Coedo. These are understated beers chosen to allow the flavours of fish in your sushi shine through. Sushi is a light food, and so it deserves a light beer to complement the flavours expertly.

Other sushi-beer enthusiasts also recommend pilsners. Pairing your sushi with an earthy, bitter drink can enhance the sushi flavours. A bitter beer is great if you want your sushi experience to be intense.

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Wine pairing is an art in many circles, with many connoisseurs having a wide variety of wines that they love to pair with their favourite foods. There are so many combinations of sushi and wine available, and it is possible you may never try them all. However, you should generally follow the rule that you should never overpower your sushi.

White wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc – or even Champagne – are examples of mild flavours which work well with sushi. Why not try your favourite blend of white wine at our restaurant next time you visit us for sushi?

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Of course, many choose to accompany their sushi with a drink that does not contain alcohol, and a popular choice is green tea. Like beer, its bitterness is said to contrast the flavours of sushi very well.

If you order green tea with your sushi in Japan, it may be served extremely hot – this is because the hot temperature is said to help the tea act as a palate cleanser between sushi pieces. Particularly to cleanse the oily residue from fish. Each sushi you order has a unique and delicate taste, so preserving these sensations will allow you to have one of the best experiences of sushi possible.

Not to mention that green tea is very refreshing!

Green Tea Japanese Food

You can enjoy these taste sensations at either of our restaurants. You can book your table online or give us a call; we’ll be more than happy to book you in. We recommend you regularly check our events section too: in the past, we’ve held sushi-making classes and special days for children, so keep an eye out for any seasonal deals that we might advertise on our blog or events page.