Sushi and Selfies

We eat food with our eyes almost as much as we eat with our mouths, and since the dawn of social media, people have been sharing their feasts online. At our sushi restaurant in Manchester and sushi restaurant in Liverpool, plenty of our diners are posting their amazing experience with us online.

Celebrating Your Sushi Selfies!

Our sushi is crafted to be utterly sumptuous, so we’re always very happy to see our diners celebrating their meals on social media. This dish below is one of our maki sushi dishes, lovingly coated in crunchy flakes.

If the idea of a sushi rolled in crunchy flakes is your idea of a fantastic meal, then look out for our spicy crunchy shake and ebi tempura sushi rolls on our menu.

Our sushi is well complemented by the various other dishes on our menu, also. Whether you’re looking to add spring rolls, gyoza, or perhaps one of our famously fantastic cocktails – our sushi always stands out as amazing.

If you are thinking of buying a cocktail to complement your meal, you might want to consult our guide:  Delightful Cocktails You’ll Love: Pairings with Food.

Our California rolls are also quite delectable! Thank you for sharing your food pics from Sapporo Teppanyaki’s Manchester branch!

Some of you can’t wait for the food to start snapping! Thank you for appreciating Sapporo’s aesthetic! We’re happy that you find our environment to be so welcoming and beautiful.

Sometimes we take our own professional pictures, too! We’re very proud of our chefs and are always happy to see our guests enjoying the artistry that goes into these dishes.

We also offer vegetarian and vegan options that are equally photogenic, and very tasty. Ask for our Avocado Maki or Classic Hoso when searching for vegan and vegetarian sushi options.

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Awesome Sapporo Teppanyaki Shots

It’s not just our sushi that’s capturing camera focuses regularly in Manchester and Liverpool; our Teppanyaki is recognised as an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Expect lots of fire and extravagant cooking moves.

We’re also very talented at egg-olympics, as you can see in the video in the post below. The Sapporo experience is perfect for birthday parties and business team builders. Get fed and entertained at Sapporo Teppanyaki.

As a high-class teppanyaki, we serve our guests more than an expertly seasoned and artfully presented dish; we also seek to entertain you. There’s always something going on at our restaurants, so we recommend that you keep an eye out for upcoming deals made live via our social channels, or on our website.

Our next big celebration will be for Mother’s Day at Sapporo, for which we have a special menu. We hope that you take lots of pictures to remember your special day by, especially if you do decide to visit us.

Alternatively, if you’ve already made plans for a Mother’s Day meal elsewhere, you can still sort out the perfect gift by ordering one of our gift vouchers – starting at £10. Contact us if you have any questions regarding accessibility or dietary requirements, we will be more than happy to help.