Spotlight on Our Early Diner Menu

Our early diner menu is a great deal for anyone looking to try a range of Japanese cuisine in a short space of time. In this blog, we talk about the history behind some of the dishes on this menu, so that you can enjoy them, even more, when you next visit our teppanyaki in Manchester or our teppanyaki in Liverpool.

Traditional Chicken Dishes

Chicken plays an important role in Japanese cuisine, so it’s only right that it features prominently on our early diner menu. One of the most famous Japanese chicken dishes is karaage, which is like fried chicken but not the same. It is usually sumptuous thigh meat marinated in soy sauce; deliciously tender inside, but happily crunchy on the surface. There are variations of karaage across Japan, as different prefectures like to put their spin on this very popular dish.

Chicken is also used in yakitori, which is when the chicken is served skewered and grilled, which can be covered in sweet sauces like soy or yakitori tare. We have quite a few chicken dishes to choose from on our early diner menu, such as our chicken gyoza and chicken fillet with soy sauce. Chicken plays an important role in modern Japanese cuisine, so why not try some at our restaurant during lunch or dinner?

 Portion fried chicken karaage with lemon and onion close-up on a plate on the table. horizontal

The History of Tempura

When asking someone about their favourite food from Japan, the chances are that they’ll give you one of two answers; sushi, or tempura. Tempura has been a popular tradition in Japan since the 1500s, introduced to the country by the Portuguese.

The name tempura comes from the Latin tempora, which is the name of an ancient Catholic rite when meat is forbidden to encourage prayer and religious devotion. The fritter-style of cooking was taken up first in Nagasaki and soon spread throughout Japan, becoming popular from food-cart stalls throughout the country. The tempura we know and love today was adjusted by food vendors in the capital, which is where it achieved its authentic Japanese style.

In Japan, tempura is often eaten alongside dipping sauces. Will you consider purchasing our vegetable tempura as one of your courses on our early diner menu?

Delicious shrimp in tempura with sweet and sour sauce

Learn More about Yakisoba Noodles

Like Tempura and Karaage, yakisoba has achieved popularity with audiences outside of Japan too. Yakisoba translates to ‘fried buckwheat noodles’ and was introduced to Japan by China, which had been preparing buckwheat noodles since 10,000 B.C.

Japan didn’t start growing its crops of buckwheat until the 8th century, and much like the origins of tempura, it dominated food stalls in the 20th century before gaining its national popularity. This shows that there is much to be learned from the fashion trends of Japanese food vendors when considering what the next great culinary trend might be. A popular method of eating yakisoba in Japan currently is to have the saucy noodles served in a bread bun so you can eat it on the go.

Our vegetable yakisoba is delectable and prepared by experienced and authentic chefs. We cook our noodles on the teppan grill with mixed vegetables and our fantastic yakisoba sauce. You can read more about the history of yakisoba and the variety of our yakisoba on our wider menu in the post about why Yakisoba Noodles are a Delicious Meal.


Nigiri and Sushi

We can hardly offer a taste of Japan without offering sushi and nigiri. Seafood and rice have always been an important resource in Japan, so our early diner nigiri naturally uses tuna, salmon and shrimp as its main flavouring. It was only during the 14th century that people began eating their fish and rice in a manner which we might recognise as ‘sushi’ today.

Like other popular foods on this list, you could find sushi being sold by Japanese food vendors in the capital city during the 19th century. Sushi is still evolving to this day, as the creation of the California roll shows the amazing possibilities that combining elements of different cultures can bring.

Salmon Sushi and sake.

There is so much to be enjoyed on our early diner menu, and so much history behind the variety of dishes available, too. You can find out more about our early diner menu from our special menus section on our website. All our dishes are served with our signature Sapporo fried rice, vegetables and sautéed potatoes. See you soon!