Special Events: Family Fun Day

Sapporo's Guide to Family Fun Day 2017
Sapporo has been providing a high-quality service for the whole family for 14 years – since we first opened our original restaurant in Liverpool in November 2003. In fact, we are looking forward to celebrating our 15th birthday in November 2017! Since then, we have gained a reputation for serving fantastic and tantalising food, whilst also providing a family friendly atmosphere that keeps people coming back time and time again.

However, we aren’t known just for our extravagant cooking methods and customer engagement; we have been hosting Family Fun Days for many years, and they have become a favourite amongst the community. So, what happens at the Sapporo family fun days?

Involving Everyone in the Family 

The Family Fun Day is a wonderful way for getting our youngest customers involved with this amazing and authentic dining experience.

The children will not only love the food on these exciting days, but the fantastic entertainment we have on offer. With a face painter and a balloon modeller, the kids are sure to be in their element! We guarantee that they will be itching to tell their friends all about it!

And while the kids are tucking into their meal and drink, the adults can indulge in their own two-course meal, including some of our delicious signature dishes, and a cheeky glass of red, rose or white wine.

Not only will the kids be able to get transformed into Spiderman, a lion or a butterfly through the wonders of face paint, but we also have pan juggling, shooting sauces and flaming grills. We guarantee barrels of laughs, fun and of course, wonderful food. Endless hours of fun and food, what more could you ask for?

You won’t be disappointed when we say you are in for a fantastic day; it is certainly a worthwhile experience for the whole family!

Sapporo family Events
Preparations for the Family Fun Day

We have advertised our Family Fun Days over the past few years in the Liverpool Echo, along with competitions, because our customers love how enthusiastic we are. But, if you wanted to be a part of one of our Family Fun Days, is there anything you need to know beforehand? Well, besides the fact that you’re in for a fantastic experience!

We love the excitement and buzz around our family fun days, their popularity is why we can’t just host one! In our three Sapporo restaurants, there are two Family Fun Days that are the same in all three restaurants in 2017; the next one is our Christmas Family Fun Day, which is on Sunday 19th November 2017. Our April one has been and gone, and was a tremendous success, but don’t worry; you can get to our Liverpool restaurant in July for the next event!

In the Liverpool Sapporo restaurant, we also have Family Fun Days on Sunday 23rd July and Sunday 15th October 2017. There are also admission fees; which is set at £5.95 for children and £14.95 for adults. You could have a day out with the family, with food, fun and entertainment for under £50, as these prices cover absolutely everything.

Sapporo Japanese food for the whole family
We love entertaining the crowds, which is why we have been so successful over the years. If you want to experience everything that Sapporo has to offer, then make sure to book your table today by calling our Liverpool (0151 705 3005) or Manchester (0161 831 9888) restaurants, or you can book a table through our website. We look forward to seeing you and the family there!