Delightful Cocktails You’ll Love: Pairings With Food

To create the ultimate meal, you must decide on a complementary drink, and the same is true vice versa. If you’ve already decided that you want to try one of our amazing cocktails, then this blog will help you to think about flavour combinations at mealtimes.
Cocktails Pairings with Food


Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

True to its name, the Shinkansen cocktail will give you a zing of energy as quickly as the Bullet Train itself. You will experience a true journey from the first sip to the last, as this revitalising cocktail is the perfect choice for a hot summer day or a relaxed winter meal.

The Ingredients: Szechuan peppercorn syrup, Premium Japanese vodka blended with Cointreau, lime, and aloe vera topped with Red Bull.

The Pairing: A delicious noodle soup is a perfect balance for this cocktail. While the Shinkansen will give you a burst of energy, you can have a comforting dish of tofu udon noodle soup, Sapporo style ramen noodle soup, or BBQ rib noodles.



Using saké as a base, the Saké’tini is a blend of both saké and martini. The martini cocktail is traditionally made from vermouth and gin. The Saké’tini is, allegedly, a creation of chef Matsuda San in the 1964 World Fair. It became popular in the 1990s across Europe and America, with saké replacing vermouth from the traditional recipe.

The Ingredients: Saké infused with Chambord black raspberry liqueur, strengthened with vodka, and topped with fresh pineapple juice.

The Pairing: A classic drink deserves a classic dish, and what’s better than yakisoba noodles? You can choose from assorted vegetables, chicken fillet, sirloin steak, pork fillet, duck breast, beef fillet, or king prawns with yakisoba sauce.

Saké’tini Cocktail at Sapporo Sushi Bar


Eager Ninja

Unlike the samurai in Japan, Ninjas were known for their skills in infiltration and subterfuge. This cocktail takes the subtleness of a Ninja and combines it with a refreshing twist due to the pineapple juice. The eager Ninja cocktail has a yellow-green colour and, unlike a real Ninja, you can spot it easily.

The Ingredients: Fresh pineapple juice, Saké shaken with Malibu, and Midori melon liqueur.

The Pairing: The citrus flavour in the cocktail can be paired with nigiri sushi, smoked mackerel, soft shell crab, or tuna tataki with spicy citrus sauce.


Sparkling Tiger, Green Dragon

Don’t waste any more time and try these Mocktails! The Sparkling Tiger is invigorating and pleasant – both for your eyes and palate. Try the Green Dragon for a fresh kick that is sure to revitalise you.

The Ingredients: The Sparkling Tiger Mocktail is served in a bamboo glass, containing orange, cranberry, and aloe vera juices. These juices are shaken with vanilla syrup, soda, and lime juice. The Green Dragon Mocktail is a mix of aloe vera with lychee and apple juices, fresh lemon, and elderflower cordial, topped with cucumber.

The Pairing: With these refreshing Mocktails, you can eat our amazing hot dishes and make sure the heat is balanced by a cool drink. Whether you prefer chicken teriyaki, BBQ sauce pork fillet, or raspberry sauce duck breast, you are sure to have found a good complement.


Blushing Geisha

Once upon a time, geishas had to make their own lipstick with benibana, or safflower, infused in water with a layer of crystallised sugar for lustre. The Blushing Geisha Mocktail has a red tinge, reminiscent of the traditional red lipstick that geishas wear. These masters of art, music, and entertainment embody the spirit that we love here at Sapporo – providing an interactive and entertaining experience.

The Ingredients: Lemon juice and fresh strawberries, sugar syrup, and red drops for blush.

The Pairing: We couldn’t not pair the Blushing Geisha Mocktail with our Geisha set menu: namasu salad, miso-wakame soup, duck rolls and chicken gyoza, rolled chicken fillet stuffed with asparagus and garlic, scallops with ginger and garlic, white chocolate cheesecake or homemade ice cream.

Cocktails at Sapporo Teppanyaki Restaurant

Sapporo Delight

The Sapporo Delight is a cocktail that embraces the perfect blend of ingredients – something our chefs are well-versed in, providing you with meals as delicious as this drink. Exciting and sure to delight you, this cocktail is a true work of art.

The Ingredients: This ‘dessert in a glass’ is a mix of Kahlúa, vodka, Baileys, Disaronno, milk, and chocolate.

The Pairing: As Sapporo is a great restaurant for families and groups, what else embodies this spirit than omakase sushi? You can choose a platter of Special Sapporo Sushi, an assorted sushi roll platter, or other combinations that you can find on our menu.


If you’re interested in trying one of our delightful cocktails at our Japanese restaurant in Manchester or our Japanese restaurant in Liverpool, then we recommend that you peruse our drinks menu beforehand to get yourself excited for your upcoming experience. We also have a blog on the best drinks to pair with sushi if you don’t fancy a cocktail anymore on the night; Sushi Pairings: Drinks.