15 Things to do in Manchester

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to visit our fabulous sushi bar in Manchester, you might decide to venture further and explore what some of the locals refer to as ‘The Capital of the North’. There are plenty of museums detailing Manchester’s exciting past, as well as theatres, cinemas and utterly unique shopping scenes. In this blog, we detail how to make the most of a day in Manchester.

things to visit in manchester

1) Indulge in History with Museums

There’s no doubt about it; Manchester holds plenty of stories and the museums certainly reflect this. There are many different museums in this city, from the Museum of Science and Industry to the Greater Manchester Police Museum – prepare to be transported to a life of crime and justice, just for an hour or two.

We recommend starting with the Museum of Science and Industry, which is just across the road from our restaurant; it’s a great way to let your food settle.


2) Great Music Scene

From the Stone Roses to The Smiths, and we simply can’t forget about Oasis. Manchester is home to an amazing music scene and the list of bands, singers, musicians and producers who have sprung from the city shows this.

Today, Manchester remains a huge cultural hub in the North with the live music circuit buzzing, and various bands still coming up out of streets like Pale Waves. There are always plenty of gigs to check out with venues including Band on the Wall, The Deaf Institute and, of course, the Manchester Arena.

3) Getting Artsy

Manchester is full of life when it comes to the art scene. There is a wealth of galleries, exhibitions, and showcases waiting to be explored and there’s always something for everyone. From contemporary to traditional and all the way to the weird, why not check out the Artzu Gallery in Spinningfields, the Manchester Art Gallery in the centre of town, or travel a little further out to see the Whitworth Art Gallery on Oxford Road.


4) Manchester Craft and Design Centre

For anything artsy, weird and/or unique, you will be wanting to explore the Northern Quarter where everything indie, punk and artistic lives. Within this region, the Manchester Craft and Design Centre thrives, offering plenty of workshops which may need to be booked in advance or simply drop-in. Unleash your inner artist in textiles, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture, and painting, with some of the most talented minds in art.

You’ll want to take the tram from Deansgate to Market Street if you plan on visiting the Northern Quarter after your meal with us.

5) Football Fever

Whether you’re a football fanatic or not, you’ve probably heard of Manchester United, and Manchester City, of course. The city is super proud of their sporting title and they love to show this off. You can take a tour of their stadiums (Manchester Arena, Edgeley Park, Etihad) or even check out the National Football Museum.

6) Junkyard Golf

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Manchester, this could be it. With three mashed up 9-hole crazy golf courses made from pre-loved and reclaimed stuff, Junkyard Golf is a great day out for a group of friends. Get ready for UV lights, scrapyard slides and even jungle bathtubs, but most importantly – crazy golf.

Even better, this amazing activity is only a ten-minute walk from our sushi bar!


7) Japan Society North West

Since you’re reading our blog, there is a chance that you are interested in learning more about Japanese culture in the UK. This means that you might be interested in attending one of the events held by this society.  The society holds meetings across Lancashire, but regularly in Manchester. Their most recent event was on teaching woodblock printing techniques in Warrington so it’s well worth staying up to date with their page.

8) MediaCityUK

The latest pride of Manchester City, MediaCityUK makes fresh trends in the North, filled with talks, exhibitions and bursting with cultural impact. From here, you can enjoy a Coronation Street Tour, a tour of the BBC, visit the Imperial War Museum or enjoy live theatre at the Lowry. MediaCityUK is even further from Sapporo than the Northern Quarter, but if you take the tram you can be there and back in no time at all.


9) For the Love of Books

There’s not just one, not even two… no, not even three; there are seven must-visit libraries in Manchester. The John Rylands Library on Deansgate was recently named one of the most beautiful libraries ever, which is no wonder with its looming halls and gothic architecture. Many of the tomes concealed within this library are quite valuable, but just the experience of visiting this library is sure to impress anyone with a love for learning.


10) Manchester MCM Comic Con

MCMs are held across the country, but the turnout for Manchester has been high since its debut in 2010. The attraction of the event is a weekend filled with nerd culture from across the globe, but with a large focus on local artists, British boardgames, American comics and films, and Japanese clothing, cosplay, food, anime, manga, and games.

Even if you’re not especially interested in attending the comic con simply being in Manchester during this weekend is a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. With characters from film and fiction lining the streets in celebration of all things entertainment you’ll want to be there.

Manchester MCM is usually held on the last weekend of July in the Manchester Central Convention Complex, only a ten-minute walk away from our sushi bar.


11) The Venice of the North

Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’, the canals in this city are one-of-a-kind. You can explore Manchester with a canal cruise, get on your bike and cycle alongside them, or even take a pleasant stroll. It’s certainly one way to experience a different side of Manchester.

12) Roman Remains

Our sushi bar is located in the Castlefield area of Manchester city, an area which is also known for hosting a Roman fort in times gone by. Mamucium, the site of the fort, is now part of an urban heritage park open to the public so be sure to visit it before or after your meal with us – it’s right on our doorstep along with the Museum of Science and Industry.

13) The Crystal Maze Experience

As the UK’s ultimate team play attraction, the Crystal Maze Live Experience has jumped out of the hit 90’s TV Show to bring everyone an immersive and genuine 3D experience. Your team gets to run around madly and solve plenty of tricky challenges, which could be good for working up a hunger before your tasty meal at Sapporo!

The Crystal Maze Experience is near the Science and Industry museum, only a two-minute walk away from our restaurant.


14) Shopping

There really is something to suit everyone for a shopping trip in Manchester. The Arndale is chock-a-block with high-end retail stores and big brand names, whereas Affleck’s Palace in the Northern Quarter has quirky independent shops where you can buy anything from retro videogames to vintage clothing. If you want to get to know the heart of Manchester’s shopping scene, then we recommend keeping an eye out for the hidden gems located in China-town for foreign sweets and goodies.

15) Sapporo Manchester

At some point during your adventurous day out, whether you’ve been shopping in the Northern Quarter, exploring some Roman ruins or attending an intriguing art workshop, you should sit down somewhere and make sure you get a good meal – we recommend stopping at our sushi bar for an experience that combines eating with entertainment. Our delicious menu has options to cater to a range of tastes, so don’t hesitate to visit our Japenese Restaurant Manchester 



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