New Year, New Me(nu)

Here at Sapporo, 2019 is going to be a year of excitement. Not only have we hired our new incredibly talented and experienced chef, Eric, our new menu is now ready for you to enjoy!

We’ve worked incredibly hard to come up with new and delicious dishes within Japanese foods, and we are looking forward to introducing them to you!

Our unique dining experience allows you to witness our chefs preparing you some of the most delicious Japanese dishes available in the UK. So, what will our new menu offer? Find out here.

What Does the New Menu Offer?
Our new menu offers a plethora of new dishes waiting for you to enjoy, across a wide range of courses. Japanese cuisine offers chefs the freedom and options to try new things, and with the ingredients available, we have delivered and created some delicious dishes that will leave you wanting more.

With so many dishes to choose from, we have chosen our personal favourites we think you will love.

Wasabi Popcorn
If you fancy a nibble, our new wasabi popcorn is a perfect choice for you. Full of flavour and suitable for vegans, it is a perfect starter to prepare you for the delicious foods to come.

Special Sapporo Platter
One of the highlights from our new menu is our Special Sapporo sharing platter. This dish offers delicious ingredients for you all to enjoy. Offering 28 pieces of foods for you to indulge, it includes nigiri and sashimi foods with salmon, tuna, ebi and seabass meats. It doesn’t stop there, you also get California rolls and cucumber hoso. This dish is a must try!


Sapporo Tacos
Tacos are not a dish you think of when it comes to Japanese cuisine, but we have brought this into our Sapporo style. Our Sapporo tacos feature gyoza taco shells which are filled with guacamole. You have the choice of filling to match your tastes, choosing from chicken, sea bass, tuna or tofu. Catering to both vegetarians and vegans, our tacos can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Special Salads

Our new menu a whole host of new and delicious salads catering for everyone.

Our Sapporo sashimi is a dish we are extremely proud of. Treat yourself to a serving of mixed crunchy leaves with salmon, tuna, seabass and crab stick sashimi with our special Sapporo dressing. Full of flavour, this is a dish we know you will love.

Our veggie poke and hibachi tuna salads are also one to try, packed with delicious ingredients. Our chefs delicately prepare your foods to the highest standards, ensuring you enjoy every mouthful.




Dessert is one of the courses many look forward to, and our new menu features many delicious desserts for everyone to enjoy. What we are most excited for is our special cheesecake, which is freshly made, ensuring we deliver the greatest of flavours.

Offering cheesecake of the day, we have a range of flavours to choose from, including chocolate and chilli and mango. As desserts are the last dish you will enjoy, we make sure you love every last bite, ensuring your dining experience is unforgettable.

Great Dishes from Our New Chef

We recently introduced our new chef, Eric, who wasted no time in presenting his talents to Sapporo. Eric is an exceptional chef who brings valuable experience to our team, including working as head chef at Nippon in Cyprus for 10 years! During his time as head chef, Nippon won the award as the Best Japanese and Asian restaurant for four consecutive years!

Many great chefs create their own signature dishes and Eric has created a diverse selection, from starters to mains to desserts. One of his personal favourites is his grilled lobster with yuzu butter soy sauce, which is delicious!

We are truly excited to introduce our new menu to you soon! If you would like to enjoy our delicious Japanese foods cooked by our incredible chefs, book your table with us today in time for the new menu launch! We look forward to welcoming you.