Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


Japanese Culture and Food: Hokkaido

Snow monkey at natural hot springs

In this new series of blogs, we’re going to learn about the real Japan – we’re going beyond the tourism and looking at Japan’s amazing variety from one prefecture to the next, in both food and culture. You might even spot a few regional favourites that are present on our own menus, although you will read more

15 Things to do in Manchester

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to visit our fabulous sushi bar in Manchester, you might decide to venture further and explore what some of the locals refer to as ‘The Capital of the North’. There are plenty of museums detailing Manchester’s exciting past, as well as theatres, cinemas and utterly unique shopping scenes. In read more

Sushi Suitable for a Royal Palate

As makers, lovers, and eaters of sushi, we appreciate a person who loves sushi as much as we do, and this includes those various members of the British royal family who have flouted age old traditions just for one more bite of a delicate and delectable sushi roll. If you think that you love sushi read more