Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


Yakisoba Noodles: A Delicious Meal

Yakisoba Noodles Japanese Food

Japanese noodle dishes are very popular due to being quick meals that are packed with flavour and stunning ingredients. Whether you want a filling lunch or a light evening meal, a noodle dish is always a perfect choice. Yakisoba noodles’ roots originate from Chinese chow mein. They were introduced to Japan in 1950 after World read more

Ichiju-Sansai: A Balanced Japanese Meal


In Japan, it is said that to have a balanced meal you need an ichiju-sansai meal: ichi means ‘one’, ju means ‘soup’, san means ‘three’, and sai means ‘dishes’. An ichiju–sansai meal is, then, a combination of a bowl of soup and three other dishes. With rice and pickled vegetables always included, they aren’t mentioned read more