Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


Ichiju-Sansai: A Balanced Japanese Meal


In Japan, it is said that to have a balanced meal you need an ichiju-sansai meal: ichi means ‘one’, ju means ‘soup’, san means ‘three’, and sai means ‘dishes’. An ichiju–sansai meal is, then, a combination of a bowl of soup and three other dishes. With rice and pickled vegetables always included, they aren’t mentioned read more

Special Events: Family Fun Day

Japanese Food for families at Sapporo Restaurant

Sapporo has been providing a high-quality service for the whole family for 14 years – since we first opened our original restaurant in Liverpool in November 2003. In fact, we are looking forward to celebrating our 15th birthday in November 2017! Since then, we have gained a reputation for serving fantastic and tantalising food, whilst read more