Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


3 Japanese Inspirations this Christmas

Sapporo Christmas Tree

Christmas is an extremely important holiday in Britain. This is perhaps a reflection of our status as a predominantly Christian country, but also of our consumerism. As with most of the western world, Christmas in the UK typically consists of a traditional home-cooked feast with the family, celebrating the birth of Christ (if you’re religious), read more

How to make Vegetarian Sushi at Home

It’s time to bring your ingredients together.

When we think of sushi we all think of rice, seaweed and wasabi, but most of us also think of fish. Not all sushi is made with fish, however, so if you fancy a bit of vegetarian cuisine every now and then, perhaps you should consider making some veggy sushi. Making your own sushi at read more

Becoming a Sushi Chef

Professional sushi cook. Young Asian cook looking precisely on a plate with various kinds of Japanese rolls

When eating out at a sushi restaurant, you might have asked yourself if you have what it takes to become a sushi chef. If so, the next question should be: ‘Am I willing to dedicate a decade of my life training for this?’ That’s right, the journey to becoming a sushi chef is a demanding read more