Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


Coronavirus Policy

Chefs prepare Japanese cuisine in Sapporo restaurant

SAPPORO TEPPANYAKI CORONAVIRUS POLICY Please note that due to the dynamic nature of COVID-19, this policy is subject to change, last updated Monday 29th June 2020. The Sapporo family are looking forward to welcoming you back. We have been missing you! We have been working hard to ensure that we re-open with all of the read more

Vegan Sushi and Japanese Food

Scrumptious vegan sushi

Vegans travelling to Japan – or even just a Japanese restaurant – might be wondering what will be available to eat there. While we can assure that you won’t starve, meat and fish produce are certainly a staple of Japanese cuisine and it can be hard to avoid accidental consumption in Japan, especially if you’re read more

Japanese Culture and Food: Yamanashi

Japan administrative map. Regions and prefectures. Vector illustration

Like its neighbour, Nagano, Yamanashi is one of Japan’s seven landlocked prefectures. This prefecture has a border with the majestic mount Fuji, which is only one of many grand mountains surrounding this area and creating the fertile Kofu basin. Culture Yamanashi was named in 1871, previously the Kofu prefecture, Yamanashi stuck as this area’s name read more