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Best Christmas Anime Episodes

Santa watching anime

We know that anime is fairly popular in Manchester, so after your conventions, meet-ups and ritual anime screenings, we invite you to eat at our Japanese restaurant in Manchester for a truly Japanese experience.

Black Friday Deals and the End of 2018

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While some of us may have already started buying presents, it is unlikely that many people have finished their Christmas shopping for the year. If you’re still looking, then we have some amazing ideas for you. If you have finished buying presents, then check out our events in the second half of this post!

3 Japanese Inspirations this Christmas

Sapporo Christmas Tree

Christmas is an extremely important holiday in Britain. This is perhaps a reflection of our status as a predominantly Christian country, but also of our consumerism. As with most of the western world, Christmas in the UK typically consists of a traditional home-cooked feast with the family, celebrating the birth of Christ (if you’re religious), read more