Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


Sushi Suitable for a Royal Palate

As makers, lovers, and eaters of sushi, we appreciate a person who loves sushi as much as we do, and this includes those various members of the British royal family who have flouted age old traditions just for one more bite of a delicate and delectable sushi roll. If you think that you love sushi read more

Japanese Sport – Kendo

The Art of Kendo

Kendo is one of Japan’s most famous sports; it’s a semi-contact martial art that has been practised for centuries. In this article, we will be looking at the origins of Kendo and its chances of becoming an Olympic sport in the future. Origin It is hard to place precisely when kendo came into practice. The read more

Getting Excited for the Olympics with Sports Anime

We’re getting very excited about the upcoming Olympics to be held in Tokyo next year and we want to share some of that excitement with you! We have already looked at some of our culture’s traditional sports that may be featuring in Tokyo, as well as a look at how the film Akira suspected that read more