Japanese statue at Sapporo sushi restaurant


Japanese Culture and Food: Akita

Dog breed red Japanese Shiba walking in autumn park

In this series of blogs, we are slowly moving south from Sapporo’s home prefecture of Hokkaido, through the land of Japan to detail the rich cultural and gastronomical experiences that astound thousands of tourists every year. When you visit our sushi bar in Manchester or our sushi bar in Liverpool, make sure that you keep read more

5 Most Famous Sushi Chefs In The World

Sushi chef at Sapporo Japanese Restaurant and Noodle Bar

Sushi chefs undertake many years of difficult training. Here is a shortlist of master chefs who make some of the best sushi on the planet; have you dined at any of their gobsmacking restaurants? Jiro Ono Eiji Ichimura Yoshiharu Kakinuma Mitsuhiro Araki Masaaki Koyama Jiro Ono Jiro Ono is generally regarded by fellow chefs as read more

15 Japanese Food Etiquette Rules

From chopsticks to saké, we guide you on Japanese food etiquette. We inform you where you should be sitting during Japanese business meals, how to use your towel, and when to partake in a drink. How to Use Chopsticks Seating Arrangements Wet Towel Learn Your Lingo Soy Sauce Soup Finish Your Plate Who Pays? Pouring read more