For a more relaxed dining experience, opt for our sushi menu along with delicious Asian-inspired soups and salads, all crafted by our expert sushi chefs in our bar area.

Whatever your dining preference, Sapporo is set to satisfy. There’s a reason we’re celebrating our 15th birthday.

That’s the Sapporo experience.


Our Asian chefs each year return to their home countries to reconnect with their Asian roots and cooking tradition, sourcing the best recipes, and reinventing them to create a menu that is inspiring and contemporary.

Expect to be entertained, along with an excellent selection of teppanyaki and sushi dishes, cooked to your liking using the best quality ingredients and freshest produce.


Born from a vision to bring Japanese cuisine with a Western twist, Sapporo offers displays of fire, trained trickery and thrilling teppanyaki.

Everything about Sapporo Teppanyaki defies the ordinary.

Sit back and relax as our talented Japanese chefs, who are trained for more than five years to become true teppanyaki masters, prepare your meal in unforgettably theatrical-style, on a traditional, flaming hotplate.

It’s bold, entertaining… and completely unforgettable.