From Starter to Dessert: How to Have Rice at Every Meal

Rice is a staple in Japanese cuisine, which is why it isn’t too much of a surprise that it can be found in every single dish of your meal! There are many different ways to prepare rice, which includes savoury and sweet dishes, and there are also different varieties of rice that can be used, read more

Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Seasonings: Part 2

In our previous blog on Japanese seasonings, we spoke about the wonders of Miso Glaze and the famous Wasabi, but with so many other seasonings to cover, we couldn’t just stop with the one blog! Below we have discussed some of the other seasonings and condiments which we believe are essential within the world of read more

Top Japanese Desserts You Need to Try

Desserts are the ideal way of finishing a meal and Japanese people are well-versed in the art of making delicious desserts. Sweets were being made in the country decades before sugar was introduced. Natural sweeteners such as gluten, amazura (southern ginseng), ‘so’ (Japanese “cheese”), and honey were used. Amazura and ‘so’ are very rare; amazura read more