Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Seasonings: Part 1

  When one thinks of Japanese seasonings, you would be forgiven for not being able to name much more than Soy sauce. However, it’s fair to say that the range of Japanese flavours expands way past this most commonly known seasoning. The secret to some of Japans most celebrated dishes are its blend of ingredients read more

Rolling in a Group: Sushi Group Dining

  Are you struggling to make a decision about the destination for your next group meal? One person wants Italian, the other Greek and one bright spark has a real craving for fast food. Of course, the voice of reason will bring the clear answer to everyone’s attention: sushi for all. So, what should you read more

Getting Veggie With it: Vegetarian Sushi

  Understanding a culture also involves eating its food, and what better way to do this than to try out popular dishes? Japanese cuisine is an amazing display of cooking skill and artful mastery over fresh ingredients, combining both without having to compromise either. Sushi is a very famous Japanese dish and is often associated read more